Soccer Picks for France - Ligue 1

Picks for Monaco – PSG (26.11.2017)

It was foreseeable that Paris Saint Germain could impose its power on a championship that, qualitatively, overall, is far from the class of Parisian stars, but no one would expect this undisputed dominance. In short, thirty-five points in thirteen games are “so much stuff.” However, if there is Munich behind, the good monegasks will have done it even though distances are already important. This direct confrontation however could change a lot, even at the level of motivation. The neutral public will, on the other hand, keep the hosts hoping for a more balanced championship: will it be enough?

Nobody has so far been able to beat the rich Paris Saint Germain, either in the championship or in the Champions League.

And in the thirteen league games, the Parisians have won eleven victories (two draws complete the score).

Impressive Cavani’s strength test and teammates in the last of the Champions League: 7-1 spun at Celtic who had also taken advantage of it immediately.

Another performance that Monaco offered during the Champions League week was a net defeat against Leipzig (1-4 finals).

Monaco has already lost two in the league (against Nice and Lyon) and comes from one win in the last four games played between the championship and the cup.

Paris Saint Germain gives the feeling of being absolutely another category compared to competitors. Moreover, Monaco does not seem particularly quiet, as demonstrated by the Champions Week. That’s why we play the 2 final results.

PSG win – 1.65

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