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Picks for ACS Poli Timisoara – FCSB (30.11.2017)

Poli Timisoara

ACS Poli Timişoara was one of the 19th stage performers, after having managed to score a draw for Ovidiu in the match with FC Viitorul, which finished 1-1. Dobrogenii opened the score through Cristian Ganea (25), but the players from Banat had the equal right because of his goal scored by Alexandru Ciucur (67).

After 19 games, the team trained by Ionut Popa is ranked 9th in the standings with 24 points. Timisoara are 7 points away from Astra Giurgiu, which is the last play-off place, so it will be very difficult to avoid the play-out, especially since the last three stages have scored as many draws as 1-1 with Juventus Bucharest, FC Botoşani and FC Viitorul.

In the sixteenth time of the Romanian Cup, the “white-violets” eliminated the Politehnica Timisoara concitadina, which they beat with a score of 1-0, due to the goal scored by Togolese striker Camaldine Abraw (52). Timisoara had bad luck in the draw, because they “fell” in the best with FCSB, one of the favorites of the competition. They are more preoccupied with her playing a play-off place, but they certainly want to eliminate the FCSB, especially since they recently played with it on October 22 and were overtaken with the 7-0 on the National Arena. The players have not forgotten this humiliation and will certainly do their best to eliminate FCSB from the Romanian Cup and to take revenge.

Ionuţ Popa: “It is a game that I wish to be the only contribution of my players. As a coach, I want to see from my students that they want to take revenge for the humiliation suffered in the championship, I want to see total dedication and determination at the highest level. I want to see attitude! “.

The hosts have backtracks for the Thursday match that will miss the central defenders Alin Şeroni and Alexandru Ţigănaşu, who are injured while the right defender Valentin Creţu is uncertain. The striker of Octavian Drăghici, who, despite being able to play, does not yet evolve to the required physical capacity, after being injured by the shoulder.


FCSB is going through a very poor period, with no less than 3 consecutive defeats, 2 in the championship with CSM Politehnica Iasi (0-1) and Astra Giurgiu (0-2) and one in the Europa League with Viktoria Plzeň (0-2 ). In all of these losing matches, the team trained by Nicolae Dică failed to score a goal.

Red Bulls failed to win any points in the last two stages, while CFR Cluj defeated CSM Politehnica Iasi (1-0) and Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe (2-0), and its result seen in the standings, where “railers” have 5 points ahead of FCSB after 19 rounds.

Players have a low morale, because they still come after three defeats in which they were unable to score a goal, but they all hope to get over this bad phase as quickly as possible and get back because otherwise it will be very difficult to reach Cluj. For Gigi Becali, the Romanian Cup has never been a priority, but it should be for players who are in great need of a qualification, especially for morale.

For the stars, there will be 3 matches in three different competitions, namely, now in the best of the Romanian Cup with ACS Poli Timisoara, then in the Juventus Bucharest championship and in the Europa League with FC Lugano. In the sixteenth time of the Romanian Cup, FCSB had problems with Cluj Health, a team from the League 3, which it surpassed with a score of 6-1.

Nicolae Dica: “We lost three matches in a row and it is normal for the patron and supporters to be upset.” You can not always win in football, but that’s not an excuse, we have to forget these defeats and move on. Last month with 7-0, we did not have problems, but now there will be another game, another competition. We want to go on, we want the event! ”

Against Giurgiu’s match with Astra will come back from suspending the scorer Mihai Bălăşa and the far right Dennis Man, who could not play because of the cumul of yellow cards. Still missing is striker Cătălin Golofca, who is injured, but also Serbian scotcher Bogdan Planic, who suffered a splinter at Giurgiu, while striker Denis Alibec has an uncertain situation with medical and disciplinary problems.

Poli Timsioara win @ 3.60

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