For today we are offering our prediction for Malaga – Sevilla

Prediction for Swansea – Sheffield Wednesday

Toxist in the table we find the team from southern Spain – Malaga. 13 tired points are recorded over the season, 25 matches in other words. Only 16 goals scored and 40 in total. A really bad season for Malaga simply. Up to safe ground it separates 7 points, a location I think you will not reach, and the question is whether you even believe in it or if you expect relocation already. The shape is just what you expect from a team at Jumboplats. There has not been a 10-game match in La Liga, the last win was 10 December when scratching Real Sociedad and winning 0-2 on the away side. 2 of the matches have been played and the remaining 8 have been lost. Playing at home gives no clear advantage to the team. To find the latest win, we will check back to November when we won against Deportivo with 3-2 – after this you have played 3 unsuccessful matches and 4 loss matches.
Before the match against Sevilla, you are expected to set 4-4-2, which is one of the more common games you play. Before the match, back midfielder Ignasi Miquel has been injured, he will take a place in the team immediately. Besides this, both left-handers González and right-wing Keko are in doubt about the game.

With chance for CL games, Sevilla is struggling
It would be a lie to say that Sevilla‘s sixth place is really impressive. 39 recorded points and a goal difference of -7 (33:40). Up to Villarreal in the fifth place, it separates 2 points, and up to the Champions League qualifier it separates 10 points. The form is approved. The last match you played lost 2-5 at home against a superior Atletico Madrid. Before that, they played 0-0 against Manchester United. Before that, you have 3 straight victories. You have not really found back to the nice home-style form that started in September and you did not lose a match for the rest of the year.
Left back Sergio Escudero pulled a red card and missed Wednesday’s match. Instead, the new acquisition of Guilherme Arana is expected to make his La Liga debut. Even Jesus Navas is injured and is expected to miss the match.
A Sevilla chasing Champions League qualifier, or at least securing its Europa League game will arrive at the Estadio La Rosaleda tagged the thousand and the will to win is great. I expect a match where Sevilla has the bulk of the ball possession and has a high pressure.

PREDICTION: Under 3 goals @ 2.20