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South Korea vs Mexico World Cup 23.06.2018

South Korea vs Mexico Today’s Soccer Prediction

South Korea

Look, in relation to what I was presenting in the preseason for this competition, it even gives to say that South Korea managed to have a more dignified behavior in the field. but in terms of results nothing has changed. Despite having made a more competitive start, South Korea were defeated by Sweden for the smallest score in the World Cup debut.
Despite having accumulated one more adverse result, internally, the team felt a little more confident for having been able to be more fighter in the field. But if you want to stay alive in the competition, Korea will have to present more than that. Offensively, the team remained zero against Sweden. There are already three consecutive games without being able to swing the networks. Knowing that the rival is with self-esteem in the clouds, South Korea intends to be stiffer and more aggressive to try to bring the opponent to his reality again, seeking to surprise.
Coach Shin Tae-yong has signaled that he will field the same base as his debut against Sweden.


What’s up buddy? How to explain? Mexico has a competitive team, in fact, has a coach who has already managed to write his name on the South American continent. But I do not think even the most optimistic of Mexicans could believe that the team would perform as perfectly tactically as it did against the current world champions Germany in the historic victory for the minimum score. Mexico, if they get the win this afternoon, will send the classification to the eighth finals again.
For you, the configuration of the table, along with its great debut, could not have been more perfect. This afternoon, he will have the opportunity to face a rival that will have to expose himself, leaving Mexico with the opportunity to return to present what he had done against Germany in the premiere. Not letting the triumph go up in your head, keeping the focus and dedication high, being more precise with the counterattacks created, will make Mexico have a good chance of getting another good result.
The coach Juan Carlos Osorio always ready in the squad, but the configuration of the duel should cause the coach to repeat the training used in the debut.

Soccer Prediction of the Day South Korea vs Mexico

If he had to propose the match, perhaps he would be more afraid of Mexico’s chances in this duel. but as you can play again in the opponent’s error, which is much more fragile and unreliable than the last one, I believe that if Mexico maintains the commitment, being slightly more effective offensively, he can win the victory that leaves him very close to being classified.

Prediction Today: Mexico DNB

Odds: 1.25

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