Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United meet this Wednesday at 20:00 in the Park of the Princes, in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League first knockout round. The French are ahead, having won the first duel at Old Trafford, 0-2. The red devils will thus have to win by two unanswered goals to equalize the tie, a task that is not easy to guess, even because the PSG attack commands respect. This weekend, the Paris team added another triumph in their Ligue 1 tour, defeating Caen by 1-2, while United suffered well to defeat Southampton 3-2. It was, however, the second triumph followed by the red devils, who scored six goals in the last two games. What will this Wednesday be like in the Light City? We will find out later and you will mis this live event online or on TV we know the right place to watch the latest football highlights in HD for all fans around the world !

PSG is still without Neymar (and Cavani is questionable) and is trying to drive the 1/4 ticket quietly in house. With regard to Utd who has to score at least 2, I CAN make a terrible mistake, but I think the weakened Englishmen are afraid of contraptions and do not translate from the start.
As long as 0-0 stands, PSG is comfortably heading for the quarterfinals, and I think that will characterize the Parisian games: pending.
The home team must continue to do without creator / third-ranked Neymar, and centreforward / second-place scorer Cavani is hardly clear after his injury.
Defense commander Silva and partner Kimpembé were saved during the weekend’s league round (it did make Verratti’s gaming benefits as well).
Superveter Buffon is still a class goalkeeper (alternative Areola a fast-paced talent), but United’s goalkeeper De Gea often saves his team.
What I have seen of Man Utd during Solskjær is a team that plays, if not with belts and braces, then with few definite offensive initiatives.
Moreover: A PSG goal will make the road very long for United, so the English (probably have respect for Mbappé & Co contraptions) hardly ever start.
The away team must probably do without left-wing Martial and replacement / creator Sanchez as well as offensive colleagues Lingard and Martial.
Midway fantasyist Pogba, goal-oriented and creative, is new absence due to quarantine. Outside are also Herrera and Matic, ie unutilized and unplayed midfield.PSG scored 2 goals at Old Trafford, and Mbappé, Di Maria & Co will probably also score in Paris. With 2-0 guidance in the back there may be some play.
PSG leads Ligue 1 supreme. Next week’s league game is postponed, so the Parisians can safely use the enegi on the Man Utd show.
United are great 13-2-1 under Solskjær. In front, large and powerful Lukaku and fast Rashford may possibly utilize the Achilles heel of the PSG defense: the airplay.
Backward with 0-2, United should preferably have an early goal; this may mean that a significant effort is made in the first half. Maybe even a big bet.
Also because: If you bet in the 1st half without success, the 2nd half may possibly be sold with the next weekend’s important league match against Gunners.
Utd’s defense has far from been clear during Solskjaer, and here def deficiencies Matic and Herrera are missing.
United venture can mean dangerous contraptions from the fast-paced PSG offensive people – for example, Mbappé who has an excellent spring.
The retrained midfielder Marquinhos was strong on PSG’s defeat midfield at Old Trafford, but has not been equally good at the 6s in all matches.

PSG vs Manchester United

The first leg at Old Trafford was less than 3.5 goals.
In four of PSG’s last five games there were less than 3.5 goals.
In five of the last seven red devils games there were less than 3.5 goals.

Football Prediction of the Day  PSG vs Manchester United

PSG has been missing creator Neymar since January 23. Attacking Cavani, since 9/2, returned to training on Friday, and a troop attendance is certainly possible, but a starting place seems unlikely. With a 2-0 lead in the back, coach Tuchel need not take chances from the start. In the midfield, Rabiot is still (since 11/12) set off due to contractual discomfort.At United, midfielder Pogba is new absence due to quarantine. Def midfielder Matic has been out since 18/2, and mate Herrera was injured 24/2. It did offensive man Lingard (starter / entrant) and colleague Mata (replacement) also. Left-wing Martial has been out since the first PSG match. There is a possibility that he will be ready for the return battle, but it seems unlikely. The same can be said of successor Sanchez who was injured in the past weekend. Of these, Pogba, Matic, Herrera, Lingard and Martial started in the first PSG match.

Bet Tips: Below 1.25 Dimensions in 1st half (1H)

Odds: 1.79

PSG is a solid and well-organized team. We believe United will risk, but we predict a locally controlled duel with less than 3.5 goals.

Prediction Today: Menos de 3.5

Odds: 1.53