I have prepared the analysis for the game on Stade Josy Barthel where Luxembourg will meet at 21:45 with Serbia, and I hope that I will inspire you through the details below, in choosing the best prognosis for this game.


What else can be said about this national that has overtaken itself, and we already have no words to superlative about what it can lately.The team coached by Holtz has gathered up to a total of 4 points out of 16 put into play, but for Luxembourg it is important, especially since he is on par with his opponent, and only one point from Portugal but he also has a I play less. He didn’t play any games.


Our neighbors have an easy move to the Luxembourg stadium where they will face the main weapon of the hosts: ambition. Although they are very valuable in front of the Luxembourg team, Tumbakovic’s players have some problems with the pressure coming from this point.Only 4 points won by this national who was seen as the favorite to qualify for the EC, but at this moment depends on a thread to attach this chance. The Serbs won a single game in this campaign, score 4-1 against Lithuania, being demolished by Portugal a few days ago, 2-4, and Ukraine away, score 0-5.

1.Direct meetings

No meeting until tonight between the two selected.

2.What is the form of the teams in the last 5 matches?
  • Luxembourg
  • Last result: 0-1 vs Northern Ireland
  • Shape: L D D L L

Luxembourg has not come out of the race to qualify for Euro 2020. It is in 3rd place in Group B, in front of Serbia, in the goal, with a point behind Portugal, which has a less contested match.
Luxembourg have four points after four games. The only victory was against Lithuania, in the first group game, score 2-1.
Luxembourg then lost both matches with Ukraine, but each time to the limit, and drew on the field of Lithuania.

  • Serbia
  • Last result: 2-4 vs Portugal
  • Shape: D D L W L

Serbia has dramatically reduced its chances of qualifying for Euro 2020 after Saturday’s failure on home soil with Portugal, score 2-4.
With four points after four matches, the Serbs are in fourth place in the group, behind Luxembourg, which has a superior goal.
Serbia only defeated Lithuania in the group, score 4-1, in the previous game played in the current campaign.

3.News, analysis, statistics and progress on the 2 teams.

▪️He is winless in the last five games (including friendly).
▪️He played a friendly in Northern Ireland on Thursday, losing 0-1.
▪️The last 3 matches were under 2.5 goals.
▪️He didn’t score in the last two games.
▪️Will play the next game in October in Portugal.
▪️Serbia was shattered in Ukraine, 0-5.
▪️At the beginning of the group had drawn in Portugal, 1-1.
▪️The last 3 matches were over 2.5 goals.
▪️Has the weakest defense in the group (11 goals scored).
▪️Has the second attack in the group (seven goals scored).

Football Prediction of the Day Luxemburg vs Serbia

Furthermore, we would have said that this game does not end without a positive result for the Serbs, but the weather has changed and we can attend any other denouement at any time. With all these surprises that are increasingly common in European football, Serbs are in great need of victory tonight, and I think the approach in the match with Lithuania when he won 4-1, will exist tonight.
However, I am not moved by this tension that exists in the Serb camp who believe that they can escape the match if they will not be able to handle the critical situations, as in the game with Portugal. He does not have the same opponent in front, but Luxembourg has a style of play that is more about inventiveness and surprise of the opponent, things that can keep Serbia “in the ropes”.
With a Latin mind and a German strategy, I have great confidence that Holtz’s national team will score tonight. Serbia has an extremely weak defense in this campaign, receiving goals from the national of Lithuania. On the move he never excelled, and if the Luxembourgians managed to hold Ukraine for 90 minutes and register, I don’t see how they would not put it at least once in Dmitrovic’s gate.

Bet Tips: The hosts score
Odds: 2.17