France plays at home with Moldova and does not allow a wrong step. He wants the boss of the group and he has to win.

⚽️Direct meetings

▪️Only once did these teams face each other in the tour match.
▪️France had no emotion then (4-1).

⚽️What is the form of the teams in the last 5 matches?

  • France
  • Last result: 1-1 with Turkey
  • Shape: D W W W W

▫️France and Moldova meet in the ninth stage of the Euro 2020 preliminaries.
▫️France is 2, with 19 points, as is Turkey’s leader; Iceland, the only one that still has chances, is 3, four points behind.
▫️With two remaining stages, France is mathematically qualified at the Euro if he defeats Moldova.

  • Moldavia
  • Last result: 0-4 with Albania
  • Shape: L L L L L

▫️Moldova is the last in the group, with one victory (1-0 with Andorra) and seven defeats.
▫️There was no question of qualifying for a national who never went to a final tournament.
▫️Moreover, Moldova scored only one goal in the preliminaries, in addition to the one in the victory with Andorra, in 1-4 even with France!

⚽️News, analysis, statistics and progress on the 2 teams.

◾️Reasons not to do this are not – the roosters lost a single match in the preliminaries, 0-2 in Turkey.
◾️They also lost 1-1 points in the last round.
◾️The world champion France is also the finalist of the last European tournament, 0-1 with Portugal, after the extensions.
◾️France has not missed any of the last seven European championships – it also has two titles, in 1984 and 2000.
◾️At home in the preliminary rounds have the draw with the Turks and three wins in the score, 4-0 with Iceland, 4-1 with Albania and 3-0 with Andorra.
◾️The leader of the round, Vladimir Ambros, is now injured.
◾️Moldova has not won away from the League of Nations, 1-0 in San Marino, a year ago.
◾️In the current preliminaries there were only zero defeats – 0-4 in Turkey, 0-2 in Albania, 0-3 in Iceland and 0-1 in Andorra!
◾️In the last match of the preliminaries, Moldova plays in Chisinau with Iceland.
◾️From 1-4 in the tour with France followed a series of seven games in which both teams did not score.

Football Prediction of the Day France vs Moldova


◽️It occupies the second place in this group H in the EURO 2020 preliminaries.
◽️But it is on a par with the leader of Turkey.
◽️It should be noted that success here ensures his mathematical qualification.
◽️The attack is the strong point, the best in the group.
◽️Turkey is the only one who has beaten her so far.
◽️There are some cash problems for France.
◽️Lloris, Lucas Hernadez and Blaise Matuidi will be missing here, while Kante is not at full capacity and most likely will take place on the bench.


◽️He had no chance in the group and the results were poor.
◽️It is in the last place, with only three points accumulated so far.
◽️Fight with Andorra to avoid this position.
◽️He lost the previous five matches, the period in which he did not even score a goal.
◽️It also has the weakest defense in the group.
◽️As a matter of fact, Moldova will not rely here on Vladimir Ambros, Virgiliu Postolachi, Eugeniu Cebotaru and Alexandru Suvorov.

Bet Tips: Victory France and over 3.5 goals
Odds: 1.40