Another tip today comes from Portugal, from the dispute over Dragao, between Porto and Tondela, in the round with the number 14 of the Primeira Liga, a match that is scheduled from 22:15, the time of Romania. More details, but also the forecast offered, in the rows below.

FC Porto: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Porto is in very good shape. The Dragons come after a series of 7 games in which they managed 6 wins and a draw.
◾️The Dragons also qualified in the spring of the Europa League, from the first place in groups and today awaits their 16-im opponent.
◾️In the championship, Porto was 7 points away from the leader Benfica, following the draw from the last stage, but with a success tonight, the Dragons can return to 4 points.
◾️On Dragao, the students of Sérgio Conceição moved very well, with maximum points achieved.
◾️In the 6 matches played, the Dragons have 18 points accumulated and 15 goals scored.
◾️And none received! It would be a premiere if the dragons were to get a chance tonight.
◾️The team is a very good one, with valuable players, especially in the offensive compartment, where there are footballers like Marega, Aboubakar or Corona.
◾️As I said, the draw from the last stage draw took 4 points away from Porto de Benfica, but the fight is far from over.
◾️Without even finishing the tour, Porto struggles with real chances for the title.
◾️But any point put into play is important, so a victory tonight is obligatory, especially considering the course of the dragons in front of their fans.
◾️Romario Baro is the only absentee for tonight’s dispute.
◾️Porto will send the best 11 in the field and I expect the Dragons to have a solid new evolution and to win an emotionless victory.

Tondela: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Tondela has been inconsistent this season.
◾️The formation on the 8th place has altered the good matches with the least good ones, but surprisingly, the team has excelled in the matches on foreign lands, where it has 14 points accumulated and is on the second place in a ranking of the matches played away.
◾️Only one failure suffered by Tondela, 0-1 at Ferreira.
◾️Of course, of all the opponents he encountered on the move, only Famalicao was the better team.
◾️Sure, from the standpoint of the ranking, because the formation on the 3rd place is not at the same rank as Porto, Benfica, Sporting or even Braga.
◾️So matches played only on the grounds of the formations classified in the second half of the ranking, except for the match on the field of the occupant place 3.
◾️So the statistics are not too relevant, given the formations that Tondela defeated in the away does not excel in matches on his own field.
◾️In the last direct matches, Tondela did not move in front of the dragons.
◾️Tonight’s guests have not even managed to score in the last 5 straight games and have scored no less than 10 goals.
◾️It is not excluded that Tondela will make a premiere tonight and score Porto’s first goal this season in the matches on Dragao.
◾️Manu Sanchez and Jota are absent from the 8th place in the tour tonight.
◾️The match is definitely harder than it seems at first glance, and if it does not go wrong, then Tondela has no chance in front of a band that literally excels in front of their fans.

⚽️Statistics of the direct matches FC Porto vs Tondela

◽️In the last 5 direct matches, Porto has prevailed every time! Moreover, the dragons scored 10 times and did not score a goal!
◽️In the last live match, which took place at the beginning of the year.

Football Prediction of the Day FC Porto vs Tondela

Porto has the chance to approach Benfica again 4 points.
The game is announced at hand, even if the Dragons will meet a lineup that has excelled on the move this season. Sérgio Conceição’s team performs very well in front of their fans, where it has an average of almost 3 goals scored per game.
The difference in value between the two formations is obvious, so there are no terms of comparison.

Bet Tips: Victory at H-1 Porto
Odds: 1.57

Porto enters this match with a very good morale, Thursday in the Europa League by Feyenoord, winning the group and today waiting for their opponent in the next phase.
Now Porto can concentrate on the championship, the formation on the banks of the Douro River being 2 to 7 points behind Benfica, but also having a match in the minus.
Porto is very solid at home, with wins on the line and no goals received, so they are the prerequisites for a new success.
Tondela is a good team, ranked 8th in the Primera Liga, but obviously can not claim to climb very much.
The visiting team has recently won with Sporting, but their form is not so good considering they have lost 4 of the last 6 games.

Prediction Today: Porto wins
Odds: 1.20